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Thatch Roofs and Outdoor Thatching Specialists:

For a natural and tranquil look, let us turn your home or lodge into the splendor of the outdoors.

The company and its members have over 18 years experience in the thatch roof construction business. 

Our specialties are thatch roofs, decks done in timber (wood/Belau/Garapa)   and any other timber

applications requested by the client. 

We also construct timber/pine floors for loft rooms, timber/wooden walkways, timber bridges, viewing decks,

Gumpole and lath pergolas, Gumpole balustrades, rustic lath/wood screen fences and timber/pine staircases.

We have undertaken projects throughout Southern Africa, including Namibia, Angola, Botswana, Zambia,

Mozambique, Gauteng, Natal and the Cape Province.

Thatch Tech specializes in the following products:


We undertake projects throughout Southern Africa, Botswana, Angola, Zambia, Mozambique.

We specialize in:
•    private residence thatch roofs – Cape Provence, Kwa Zulu Natal, Gauteng
•    private and commercial/corporate  game lodges
•    town/cluster house developments
•    private residences
•    conference centres
•    repairs and maintenance to thatch or grass roofs

Projects undertaken include:

1) Townhouse Developments (Summercon Devco), including:
•    Riverglades Estate
•    Chobe Sands
•    Inyati Sands
•    Shingara Sands
•    Savanna Sands
•    Serengeti Sands
2) Private Game Reserves and Corporate Lodges
     Madikwe Game Reserve:
•    Tau Lodge
•    Tree Frog Lodge
•    Madikwe Safari Lodge
•    Bosman Lodge
•    Matla Lodge
•    Tamboti Lodge
•    Tree Tops Lodge
    b) Welgevonden Game Reserve – Cliff Tops
    c) Olifants North Game Reserve – Private Lodges

 d) Limpopo Lipadi Game & Wilderness Reserve – Botswana
•    River Camps 1 to 7
•    Charly Graef Private Lodge
e) Shambala Game Reserve – Doe Steyn Private Lodge, Zulu Camp Lodge
 f) Airports Company (S.A)           
 g) Klasserie Game Reserve

Golf Course Estates
•    Hartebeespoort Dam
•    Vaal Dam
•    Vaal River
•    Club Nautique

Thatch Lapas & Gazebos

We also offer unique designs for pool and entertainment thatch lapas and gazebos.

Timber Decks & Decking

Our timber/wooden deck construction is built in accordance with a Structural Engineers’ Specifications.
Our wooden deck designs, for both outdoor and indoor, are created to the client’s individual needs.
The company offers the client a wide range of various  exotic and indigenous hardwoods , depending on availabilty
•    Garapa Decking
•    Balau Decking
•    Cloeziana Decking
•    Treated CCA Pine Decking
•    Pool Decking
•    Tongue & Groove Mezzanine Flooring
•    Walkways & Suspended Walkways
•    Bridges
Gumpole & Lath Applications
•    Balustrades
•    Rustic Lath Screen Fences
•    Staircases


•    All our work complies with the guidelines and specifications as laid down by the South African Thatching Association and the South African Bureau of Standards  (SABS)

•    The following is standard to all Thatch Tech thatching projects, unless the client’s engineers specifies differently.

a.    Upright supports : 125mm – 150mm top diameter

b.    Wall plates are a minimum of 75/100mm top diameter
c.    Double Ridge Pole construction is used for strength, with CCA treated laths of 38/40mm
d.    Spacings at eaves are .150mm
e.    Maximum of .280mm centres, for the remainder of the roof.
f.    Rafters are spaced at approximately  70cm centres
g.    All butt joins are bolted with 12mm threaded rods.

•    The thatching process includes 25mm “spray” or “ceiling cover” with a further 125mm to 150mm thatching grass.

•    The “spray grass” used, is “clean combed” grass, or if specified, Cape Thatch Reed.

•    All ridging or capping is fibreglass, unless Perlite of cement ridging is specified.

•    All timber is unvarnished, unless otherwise specified.


Thatch Tech guarantees all it works against defects.